Privacy Policy

NextBike connects to your Strava account using OAuth.

NextBike stores very little personal information, by design. This site is strictly for cycling, so only cycling-related data is synced from Strava.

Bike gear and ride activities data is synced from Strava and stored in the database in order to run various statistics and visualisations against it.

It does not:

  • Track visits or analytics
  • Have a way to identify you, apart from your Strava id
  • Require you to register
  • Store gear or activities other than for cycling
  • Send you any emails or other communications (we don't even have your email)

It does:

  • Store a session cookie. The session is destroyed every time you disconnect from Strava, or when your login session expires.
    • Why?
    • Cookies must be enabled in order to allow you to sign in with Strava. A cookie is what allows you to remain signed in, since we do not require user registration.
    • Cookie data stored
    • Strava athlete id, preferred units, Strava avatar url
  • Store your Strava athlete id (once you sign in).
    • Why?
    • The athlete id is the unique identifier that limits what you see to your own data and statistics.
    • Athlete data stored
    • Strava athlete id, Strava premium flag, Strava token (access, refresh, expiration), preferred units (metric/imperial), timestamps for when bikes/rides were last synced
  • Store your bike(s) details (once you sync bikes). Only bike gears are downloaded from Strava.
    • Bike data stored
    • Strava gear id, name, total distance, brand, model, frame type
  • Store your bicycle ride details (once you sync rides). Only bicycle activities are downloaded from Strava.
    • Ride data stored
    • Strava activitity id, type (normal/virtual ride), name, distance, moving time, elapsed time, total elevation gain, start timestamp (UTC & local), timezone, normal/trainer activity, average speed, max speed, average cadence, average watts, device watts, calories, recording device name

Strava privacy policy

Strava is not affiliated or associated with NextBike, and has its own privacy policy. Read it here Strava privacy policy

Strava permissions

In order to function properly and to the full capability, NextBike requires various Strava permissions. We've done our best to require the minimum possible permissions. You can opt out of the non-required ones but you will experience degraded features (unable to sync, update, etc).

Here's a detailed explanation of each permission.

Permissions required by Strava for NextBike